Efficient logistics at DFDS Terminal


We knew they were a trusted name to carry out the work. A reliable partner performing these operational tasks at our busy terminal gives us great flexibility

Kim Heiberg, Route Director, DFDS

When DFDS took over the passenger route between Oslo and Frederikshavn in 2020, they were looking for a logistics partner to handle the diverse logistics tasks associated with the port call in Frederikshavn. The task required a partner with a high level of expertise in the field, as many logistics tasks had to be solved and executed within a tight timeframe.

Several suppliers came forward, but for DFDS it was clear that Blue Water, which already handles many logistics tasks for the company, was a good candidate to take on the task.

"We already worked in Esbjerg with Blue Water for stevedoring work, even though this job includes all-round ferry management, we knew they were a trusted name to carry out the work. They have the knowledge and skills to take on a job like this", says Kim Heiberg, Route Director DFDS.

Fast loading and unloading

Blue Water’s services at the Frederikshavn terminal go beyond loading and unloading cargo. Check-in of passengers, cars and trucks, cargo handling and line handling for the two ferries – Pearl Seaways and Crown Seaways – operating at the terminal, are carried out by Blue Water. On average, six thousand guests are managed in a month, and during high season, the number of guests exceeds to almost 12,000.

In the hour of docking, an average of ten lorries, eighty passenger cars and fifty passengers by foot must be safely on and offloaded to the ferry.

"Blue Water’s staff, who are permanently part of the ferry terminal in Frederikshavn and is well-blended with our own team, is trained to manage these logistics swiftly within the impressive time frame of ten to fifteen minutes. This offers us a consistent operation of our daily service", says Kim Heiberg, Route Director, DFDS.

Confidence in capabilities

Over the course of the partnership, the logistic responsibilities have developed. Blue Water’s operation started with two small sheds and a few trucks, but DFDS soon showed confidence in their capabilities. Now, Blue Water has its own freight office in the customs building and manages a large number of trucks, cars and passengers, as well as loose freight and paperwork.

It is a great help having Blue Water manage these responsibilities, especially in the peak summer season. A reliable partner performing these operational tasks at our busy terminal gives us great flexibility. We are very pleased with this partnership.
Kim Heiberg, Route Director DFDS

About DFDS

DFDS has since its foundation in 1866 built a unique infrastructure of ferry routes connecting European countries with each other as well as with Türkiye. The company mostly transport freight units on the routes in addition to around 5 million passengers in normal years.