Reliable logistics for webshop Surisuri


I think the service level has been high throughout the process, and everything Blue Water has promised, they have been able to deliver

Maja Kim, webshop owner, Surisuri

At the webshop Surisuri, it is important that products arrive early in the morning so that their customers can receive their orders the day after they are placing it. Surisuri is a webshop selling Korean skincare products made in South Korea. The webshop was established by Maja Kim in 2017. The first storage facility was at home in her kids' room, and since then, Surisuri has grown quickly and is now located in a larger warehouse in Esbjerg, Denmark.

As the webshop has grown and the ability to stock more products has increased, the need for freight has also changed. The larger warehouse space and increased demand have made it possible to bring in larger quantities of products at a time, making it easier to plan purchases from South Korea. With the increased need for freight, an opportunity opened to search the market for freight suppliers that would be able to better meet the needs of the webshop.

Competitive prices

For Surisuri, both price and service were key factors in choosing a supplier. Webshop owner Maja Kim found it difficult to get competitive shipping rates due to the size of her business. At the same time, she experienced the freight market as non-transparent, so she was looking for a freight provider that could offer help and advice to find the optimal solutions for her webshop.

When the decision was made to go with Blue Water, the competitive prices and high level of service were the key factors, says Maja Kim, owner of the webshop.

Compared to previous transport and logistics providers, I could see that Blue Water's solutions are more competitive, which was one of the reasons for choosing Blue Water.

Optimising goods receiving led to increased efficiency

When managing an online shop, reliability of delivery is important - both in terms of being able to trust that products will be in stock as planned, and that orders will be delivered to customers as quickly as possible. Maja Kim often found that she and her employees had to wait until late in the day for the shipments to arrive at the warehouse. This resulted in inefficient workflows and inconsistent workloads for employees, when some of the items for orders that needed to be packed, were missing. Since the collaboration with Blue Water was in place, this challenge has been solved.

"One of the biggest improvements is that we can now expect our shipments to be delivered in the morning. It is a small thing, but it has a big impact on a business like ours, where we rely on receiving the goods in order to send our packages to our customers. Blue Water understands what is important to my business, and that means so much", says Maja Kim.

Great dialogue and guidance

In addition to the increased efficiency made possible by shorter delivery times, Maja Kim also experiences good dialogue and guidance, which is very valuable for a company like Surisuri. "I have experienced a very good dialogue and guidance from my regular contacts at Blue Water. They are always easy to get in touch with and I always get a quick response. It is a big help when you do not have shipping experience yourself”.

About Surisuri

Surisuri owner Maja Kim has based the business on the South Korean K-beauty trend. The products are effective, often targeted to a specific problem and based on natural herbs, plants and vegetables. Ingredients that we do not normally find in skincare.

Maja Kim, webshop owner, Surisuri