2,000 bags made from recycled truck tarpaulin

Blue Water’s employees received customised bags for the jubilee celebration

Planning of the Blue Water 50th jubilee involved many tasks, one of them being to decide the right gifts for the 2,000 employees of great diversity.

At the celebration all employees received a customised Grünbag Carry Computerbag along with other goodies. At Blue Water we are implementing several solutions to reduce our CO2 footprint. The fully recycled bags from Grünbag, made from surplus material from tarpaulin production, matched our wish to give a sustainable bag to our employees.

Søren N. Thomsen, CEO at Blue Water says: “The bags from Grünbag fit our green ambitions perfectly. They are made from recycled and sustainable materials and are designed to last for decades. It is an important message to send to our employees and friends, and along with that we love to support another Danish company”.

Our green ambitions are to:

  • Adopt greener logistics principles and work in close cooperation with customers, partners and suppliers to reduce carbon footprint
  • Engage in sustainable partnerships with significant players to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals agenda
  • Commit to the global Sustainability Development Goals, focusing especially on goals number 3, 12, 13, 16 supported by goal number 17