Active share in pioneer project for MENCK

Successful operation completed ahead of schedule thanks to efficient planning and excellent teamwork

Active share in pioneer project for MENCK

Recently, leading pile driving specialist and close client MENCK entrusted Blue Water Shipping with the transport and assembly of an 187 tons heavy hydraulic hammer and the 175 tons heavy ram weight.

Blue Water’s comprehensive scope included the receiving of the ram weight from Japan and shipping and receiving of the MHU3500S hydraulic hammer from Hamburg, Germany. It also included the installation of spring suspension into the ram weight and the assembly of the ram weight as part of the hydraulic hammer. The assembly took place in Singapore.

“Everything went according to schedule or rather ahead of schedule. We had originally planned for five days’ work, but the entire job was completed within two days. The project marks MENCK Singapore’s first assembly operation in Asia for this size of Hammers, which we are naturally proud to have taken an active share in”, says Victor Pay, Marine & Logistics Manager, Blue Water Singapore.

“Blue Water has done another fantastic job for us, well planned and executed across all team members involved. Due to the efficient planning, we could save three days which helped all parties involved. We are looking forward to the next projects together with Blue Water”, says Thorsten Koch, Head of Logistics, MENCK GmbH.

The five-year TCO project is completed

14 June 2021

Blue Water had comprehensive preparation and the willingness to move boundaries on top of the agenda when executing the giant logistics contracts.

Increasing air freight perishables

09 June 2021

The need for air transport of temperature-controlled food products to global markets is growing. Blue Water handles fresh and frozen products to/from all over Europe.