Aid and Development Logistics in Ukraine

With two years of expertise and ongoing commitment, Blue Water has a deep understanding of the evolving situation in Ukraine 

Blue Water's Aid and Development team has been actively engaged in supplying transport and logistics solutions in Ukraine since the onset of the war. In less than a week from the start of the conflict, the team successfully delivered its first batch of aid, marking the beginning of the provision of humanitarian assistance. 

During the initial months, the team's primary focus centred on delivering essential medical supplies in collaboration with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health. 

“In those first months, we faced significant challenges transporting goods into the country due to restrictions. We needed a tailored solution to provide logistics, which resulted in a hands-on approach for manual handovers at the border to ensure a flow of aid into Ukraine”, says Jakob Zittlau Schmidt, Aid & Development Manager at Blue Water.  

Diversification of Aid  

As the conflict persisted, Blue Water expanded its aid offerings of blankets, dry food and medical supplies also to include mine-detecting and mine-sweeping equipment. Collaborating closely with Ukrainian partners, the team successfully delivered approx. 300 cargo trailers to date. 

“With our two years of expertise and ongoing commitment, we have a deep understanding of the evolving situation in Ukraine. The initial challenges of delivering aid to cities like Lviv and Kyiv, hampered by compliance issues and the front line of conflict, have now transformed into a more streamlined process. Insurance developments have further facilitated the ease of delivering aid to Ukraine,” adds Zittlau Schmidt.


Photos from Blue Water's partner in Ukraine

Adapting to evolving situations  

The team also goes the extra mile by providing in-house route-risk assessments. Identifying potential targets and hotspots, the team ensures timely rerouting to mitigate risks. This proactive approach enhances the safety and effectiveness of aid delivery. 

Blue Water's Aid and Development logistics in Ukraine demonstrate a commitment to overcoming challenges, adapting to evolving situations, and providing support to those affected by the conflict. With a comprehensive understanding of the region and a proactive approach to logistics, Blue Water continues to play a vital role in delivering aid to Ukraine. 

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