Air bridge between Denmark and China

Agreement between Blue Water Shipping and SAS Cargo will open for direct air freight between Europe and China

Air bridge between Denmark and China

There is a heavy demand for air freight to and from China. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, almost all ordinary air traffic has come to a standstill, complicating the transport for European companies – for both import and export. Consequently, the present air freight capacity is not able to fulfil the demand from the European trade and industry.

Blue Water has therefore made a charter-agreement with SAS Cargo for a regular scheduled service with two weekly departures between Europe and China. First departure will be on 6 May. For the present, eight departures are planned.

“It is a difficult situation for many of our customers, as transporting their goods either to or from China is very complicated. And this goes for both import of vital supplies to the European health systems and import of goods to our regular commercial customers. But also on the export side, we see an increasing demand. Therefore, we have decided to invest in this temporary scheduled service”, says Palle Kamstrup, Global Director for Blue Water’s Sea & Air Divisions.

The Eastbound Service to China

Will depart Copenhagen every Tuesday and Saturday with direct service arriving the following day in Shanghai. Extensive road feeder service will be ready to accommodate pick-up in Europe and road feeder for China distribution is in the planning.

The Westbound Service from China

Will depart Shanghai every Wednesday and Sunday with direct service arriving same day in Copenhagen. Extensive road feeder service will be ready to accommodate pick-up in China and distribution all over Europe.

Close collaboration

We have chosen SAS Cargo as partner due to our long-term cooperation, with this airline, built on mutual respect and understanding. Furthermore, Blue Water wants to support the Danish aviation industry rather than foreign ones. The scheduled service will be operating between Copenhagen and Shanghai, as both destinations have the necessary facilities, and both airports represent mainstays in SAS’ route network.
“We are proud and pleased to enter into this close collaboration with our long-standing and loyal partner Blue Water Shipping and thus help to keep an air freight corridor open between Denmark and China,” says Leif Rasmussen, President & CEO of SAS Cargo Group A/S.

“Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, air freight has been a vital partner in securing the transportation of essential medical equipment and medicine and keeping the vital transport corridors open. In these critical times, SAS Cargo gives priority to keeping as many of these important air corridors as possible open and thus helping to ensure stable, safe and fast air transport”, says Leif Rasmussen.

Strong effort

This new China-Europe air bridge service is jointly promoted and organised between Blue Water and our long-time agent in China, Cargo Services Group, which is the leading China-based international logistics and freight forwarding operator with 17 offices in China and a strong network of warehouses.

“We are very pleased to cooperate with Blue Water Shipping in setting up this air bridge service, between China and Europe, to fill the needs of customers for the movement of goods between the two continents, particularly with the urgency of the shipments of PPE supplies to the COVID-19-stricken countries in Europe”, says John Lau, Founder and CEO of Cargo Services Group.

Succeeding in establishing this air bridge has been a challenge due to the very demanding process with obtaining licences under the present circumstances.

“Thanks to strong efforts from our own employees as well as from SAS Cargo and Cargo Services, we have succeeded in getting all licences, and our entire set-up is now operational. We now look forward to servicing our customers and others in need of fast and secure air transport”, says Palle Kamstrup, who expects to see a strong demand for capacity on this air service. He adds that Blue Water, in addition to air freight, of course also offers transport solutions by courier, sea and rail.