Blue Water acquires joint venture

With full ownership, Blue Water strengthens its position within installation and service to the wind industry 

After a year and a half as a joint venture, Blue Water has now acquired 100 per cent ownership of Danwind Blue Water - a company that offers wind turbine installation and a range of related services. The acquisition will result in a name change for the company. It will become a fully integrated part of the transport and logistics company and be branded as Blue Water. And the ambition is growth and development in the new segment.

"The full ownership gives us better opportunities to continue expanding and developing our service to the wind industry, to which we have delivered transport and logistics for over 25 years. We are known for our efficient solutions of high quality and a high service level. We see good opportunities to grow further in this segment based on these virtues," says Thomas Bek, COO of Energy, Ports & Project, Blue Water Shipping.

One of Blue Water’s business units is Wind Logistics, and here the company is a leading provider of transport and logistics solutions to the global wind market. Since the 1990s, Esbjerg has been one of the most important ports for the industry, especially in the European market. In the past decade, Blue Water has expanded its activities to several continents: Asia, Australia, and South and North America, in line with the in-creased installation of wind turbines onshore and offshore. Now, Blue Water also offers installation and maintenance services.

"The global wind market is continuing to grow, and in the coming years, many new wind farms will be established to deliver green energy to consumers. We have a strategic focus on not only maintaining our strong position, but we have ambitions to grow in the market, and one of the ways is to expand both our geographical presence and our range of services," says Thomas Bek.