Blue Water and Danwind enter a joint venture

The strategic partnership between Blue Water and Danwind will offer turnkey services for onshore and offshore wind turbine installation

Blue Water and Danwind enter a joint venture

Blue Water and the Construction division of Danwind Group have entered into a joint venture agreement establishing a new entity Danwind Blue Water that will offer turnkey services covering full scope of logistics, assembly, disassembly and installation of wind turbines.

“We are delighted to announce the Danwind Blue Water joint venture partnership that will allow the Original Equipment Manufacturers to accelerate the development of wind farms by offering fully integrated wind turbine deployment service”, says Dan Kjellgren, Danwind Group CEO.

The joint venture will leverage Blue Water’s logistics and cargo handling expertise in conjunction with Danwind’s highly skilled manpower in the Wind industry to create an integrated service offering coverage of all aspects of wind turbine deployment.

“Each of our companies has comprehensive experience and expertise in providing our services to the Wind industry. By joining forces, we can offer strong and flexible solutions to meet the increasing demands of the industry”, states Per Jensen, Global Director Port Service at Blue Water.

The new entity will build on existing strategic relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers to become a key partner and accelerate the development of wind farms across the world.
Dan Kjellgren, Danwind Group CEO, is appointed CEO of Danwind Blue Water, and Jan Westergaard will be inducted as COO. Chairman of the board is Per Jensen, Global Director Port Service Blue Water, and Søren Messmann (Blue Water) and Kim Fialla (Blue Water) will take part in the day-to-day management of Danwind Blue Water.

Danwind Blue Water will be fully operational by the end of Q1, 2022.

About Danwind

Danwind provides full service from pre-assembly, installation and maintenance to decommissioning of wind farms. With over 700 highly skilled technicians, the company has expert knowledge of onshore and offshore pre-assembly and installation of multi-brand wind turbines. Danwind is also a leading supplier of multi-brand spare parts to the wind industry, supporting all major platforms.

About Blue Water

Blue Water Shipping is a global provider of all logistics services in modern supply chain management. At the heart of Blue Water is an organisation of professionals skilled to offer complete and tailor-made solutions to any shipping and transport requirement anywhere in the world.
Today, Blue Water has 1700 employees at more than 60 offices worldwide. Every Blue Water office combines strong global network with local expertise – thereby adding value and providing clients with services beyond transporting cargo in a safe and efficient way.