Blue Water Billund marks 25 years of business

Since its establishment, the office has developed into a global player within air charters and courier services

The Blue Water office in Billund recently marked a milestone, celebrating its 25th anniversary. The office opened at a time of significant expansion for Blue Water. Throughout the years, the Billund office has established itself as a strong player in international air charters and courier services.

"In the early days, we focused on North Atlantic traffic, but over the years, our horizons expanded into a more international area," says Morten Ankjær Knudsen, General Manager of Blue Water Billund. Today, the location serves as the hub of the worldwide Air Charter department, which oversees all air charters for Blue Water in different business units.

This function has been driven from 2007 and on, when the office was appointed as the main handler for airfreight within Blue Water. Located next to Billund Airport, one of Denmark’s busiest air cargo centres with connections to most major European airports, the office strategically operates as a centre for airfreight.

Air freight and courier services

The Billund office established a European gateway for air freight, handling shipments across Europe. The team's focus also expanded into Government & Defence and Aid & Development starting 2010, marking the beginning of a long-term partnership with the Danish Armed Forces.

"In 2019, our air charter team reached a milestone by executing the largest air cargo movement from Houston via Dubai to Afghanistan," adds Knudsen. This achievement underlines the central role of the Billund office in facilitating complex and critical air cargo operations.

Throughout these developments, the courier business and general cargo thrived at the same time. "We were pioneers in the courier business when we started in the early 2000s, a form of transport that has become a substantial revenue stream for Blue Water, with Billund leading the way," says Knudsen. Along with sales efforts, Billund has built an extensive customer base and positioned itself as the largest operational General Cargo office within Blue Water.

Local donation to Danish Hospital Clowns

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Blue Water Billund, the office donated 25,000 DKK to support the Danish Hospital Clowns on behalf of the Blue Water Foundation. The organisation works to strengthen hospitalised children’s joy and courage to better cope with their illness.

Blue Water has always been dedicated to supporting local communities, and it has become a tradition that when one of our offices celebrates a significant milestone, the office gets to donate to a local charity project of their choice on behalf of the Blue Water Foundation.