Blue Water expands top management

The transport group's top management is expanded with a COO for Energy, Ports & Projects

As a consequence of increased business volume and in line with the execution of the Group's growth strategy, Blue Water has extended the group's top management, which grows from three to four members. The new member will be Thomas Bek, promoted from Global Director of Energy & Projects to COO for Energy, Ports & Projects Division.

Current COO Dan Nissen will be responsible for road, sea & air division, including transport and logistics of industrial goods, consumer goods, food and more.

"With the new composition, we in top management will be able to ensure that all parts of our very versatile business develop the most optimally. One of our core values is to be close to the customers and markets to deliver – and develop – the best and most efficient transport and logistics solutions that suit the individual customers' needs. This must continue to be our focus", says CEO Søren Nørgaard Thomsen.

With his appointment, Thomas Bek takes another step up in his career at Blue Water, which started 25 years ago when he joined as a trainee. After graduation, he has worked in Oil and Energy – including being located in Azerbaijan and the United States. In the last few years, he has been overall responsible for Energy and Projects which operate in oil, gas, mining, wind and other green energies.

"Together with the rest of the Executive Board, I look forward to continuing with the development we have experienced in recent years in the field of project transport, which has become an essential part of Blue Water's business. Today, we have a strong position in the market due to the execution of several major projects", says COO Thomas Bek.

Positive development

In the Road, Sea & Air Division there will also be a dedicated focus on delivering customised and efficient solutions.

"We have seen an excellent development in recent years, which includes increasing the activities, a wider range of services and improved earnings. We continue to work with the same strong momentum where our skilled freight forwarders in daily life handle customers' versatile transportation needs efficiently and safely," says COO Dan Nissen.

Blue Water is headquartered in Esbjerg, where the company was founded 50 years ago. This September, the company will celebrate its anniversary. Today, there are 1750 employees in more than 60 offices globally. The group's top management consists of Søren Nørgaard Thomsen CEO, Flemming Busch CFO, Dan Nissen COO and Thomas Bek COO.

The business is divided into two divisions:

Road, Sea & Air includes the business areas:
Road, Sea & Air, Reefer Sea & Air, Marine Logistics and the North Atlantic.

Energy, Ports & Projects includes the business areas:
Energy & Projects, Renewables and Port Services.