Blue Water Türkiye donates 250,000 DKK to the Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer

On behalf of the Blue Water Foundation, the office in Türkiye helps families affected by cancer 

With its win in the first-ever annual Blue Water Games, Blue Water Türkiye gets the honour to donate 250,000 DKK to a charity of their choice on behalf of the Blue Water Foundation. The office has decided to donate to Kanserli Çocuklara Umut Vakfı (KAÇUV/Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer). 

"We are proud to make this donation and help children in need just one year after we started our operations in Türkiye. It is incredibly rewarding to make this donation to support their cause, but also to work for a company that puts people first by making this donation possible. We want to thank KAÇUV for giving hope to children undergoing cancer treatment and their families", says Alper Ture, Managing Director Blue Water Türkiye.

Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer

The Hope Foundation ensures an optimal environment for treating children with cancer - an essential requirement in the fight against cancer. They care not only for the children, but for the whole family. With their Family Homes, the foundation provides free accommodation and support services to financially disadvantaged children and their families travelling to Istanbul from outside the city for cancer treatment. 

“I am very grateful for Blue Water Türkiye’s donation of choice; it is a charity doing rewarding work for children and their families in need. I am proud to give back to local communities where Blue Water is present“, says Anne Skov, chairman of the Blue Water Foundation.

The donation of 250,000 DKK naturally pleases Kübra Avtepe, Head of the Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer:

“On behalf of KACUV and our children, I want to thank Blue Water Türkiye and the Blue Water Foundation for this valuable and meaningful donation. Cancer treatment is a difficult and patient process, and we do our best to support our children and their families in this challenging journey by not leaving them alone. 

With this valuable donation, we will support children undergoing cancer treatment with gifts delivered to them on their special days on behalf of Blue Water. For 23 years, hope and happiness have been the basis of our work, and we maintain our work knowing that the happier we can make our children, the better they respond to treatment".