Blue Water wins contract to manage work harbours on Femernbelt Fixed Link Project

FLC and Blue Water enter into an agreement about the daily operation of the newly established tunnel ports

Image: Femern A/S

The Femernbelt Fixed Link Project is so far the biggest and most expensive construction project of Denmark, and it is expected to be completed by 2029. The tunnel is to be operated by green power and with focus on energy efficiency and future-proof solutions. The link is part of a larger European strategy to create green traffic corridors.

Now, Blue Water enters a contract with Femern Link Contractors (FLC) to maintain the operation of the work harbours established to build the tunnel. The job covers prioritisation of ship arrivals, allocation of quays, reporting to authorities and ensuring that ISPS requirements are complied with.

“We are proud that FLC has entrusted us with this important assignment. Our primary task will be to ensure high standards in the daily operation of the work harbours with experienced staff, optimising security and providing agency services for the ships calling the work harbours”, explains Troels Nyerup, Harbour Master, Blue Water.

High quality awareness and dedicated staff are the keywords

On both Danish and German side work harbours for the 18-kilometres long immersed tunnel between Rodby, Denmark and Puttgarden, Germany are being constructed. The tunnel will consist of 89 tunnel elements casted and shipped from the work harbour in Rodby.

79 standard elements of 217 x 40 x 9 metres weighing 73,000 tonnes each as well as 10 special elements of 39 x 45 x 13 metres weighing 21,000 tonnes are to be casted. The gigantic components require a wide range of special vessels to be handled and transported safely.

“With Blue Water’s many years of experience within port services and project logistics, we are certain that we can handle this assignment with high quality awareness and a dedicated, experienced team. We are very happy to contribute with our skills on a historical project like this. We thank FLC for the challenge and look forward to the collaboration”, says Klaus Odby Jensen, General Manager, Port Agency, Blue Water.

Blue Water already holds a service agreement with Fehmarn Belt Contractors covering agency services for the vessels working in the project, crew change and husbandry services, documentation and reporting to relevant authorities. In this connection, Blue Water opened a local office in Rodby in 2021 which is now expanded due to the new contract.