Conversations that save lives

The core of Blue Water's 'Dare to Care' programme 

“The conversations we dare to have could save a life!” This is the central message of our 'Dare to Care' programme, part of Blue Water's ongoing Safety Journey. We believe that safety at work goes beyond mere compliance with regulations; it's about empowering every employee to voice concerns when they matter the most. 

Safety is a collective effort but relies fundamentally on individual choices. Each lost-time incident is not merely a number — it represents real disruptions that impact lives and families. By challenging unsafe practices or conditions - having the conversation - we open the door to prevent these incidents and protect our team and the integrity of our operations. 

"At Blue Water, we prioritise the safety of our team as a core responsibility, recognising the trust placed in us not only by our colleagues but also by their families. Our approach is not just a policy, but a commitment to the hard work and effort required to protect and value every employee in Blue Water,” says Susanne Veie Svenningsen, SVP, Chief Compliance Officer.  

Safety Principles at Blue Water 

Our safety journey includes comprehensive safety training across all levels of the company. By fostering dialogue and collaboration, we innovate smart and safe solutions, ensuring a diverse yet uniformly safe working environment globally. As a foundation we have five basic safety principles:  

  • Every injury can be prevented - Have the mindset to manage safety proactively 
  • If it can't be done safely, it shouldn't be done at all. Control your own actions - for your safety, and that of your colleagues and family. 
  • All hazards are manageable - If it feels unsafe, say no, and remain conscious of the risks. Every job can be done safely. 
  • While management is accountable for safety, everyone is responsible for their own safety. Understand your role — you create safety; management supports and assists. 
  • As a Blue Water employee, safe work is not optional. If in doubt, speak up and STOP the job.