First Blue Water Games create a strong team spirit

 Over 1,500 employees participated in the Blue Water Games in the more than 30 countries

Team spirit and togetherness are important values for the transport and logistics company Blue Water Shipping, which on 2 September hosted the first-ever Blue Water Games, a global event for all Blue Water employees. Over 1,500 employees participated in the more than 30 countries where Blue Water has offices.

The Blue Water Games were initiated by the owner’s family, headed by Anne Skov, chairman of the Blue Water Foundation.

"At Blue Water, we want to maintain our values and with the Blue Water Games, we have created an event that unites us across the entire company - an day that strengthens the culture and DNA that has characterised us for more than 50 years," says Anne Skov.

She is delighted with the great support of the day and a fantastic event where sport, team play, and the celebration of the company came together.

"It's great to feel the positive atmosphere and energy among all our colleagues. We have a great workplace, and this day really confirmed that," says Anne Skov.

Blue Water Shipping's CEO, Søren Nørgaard Thomsen, is pleased with the launch of the Blue Water Games, a day that extends beyond itself - and across countries.

"At Blue Water, we combine our strong local roots with our international presence to create the best solutions for our customers together. The stronger the relationships and team spirit internally, the better the service and quality we can deliver to our customers. There has been great support from the employees, and who are proud of the event - and of being part of Blue Water. There is no doubt that the Blue Water games strengthen our team spirit and unique culture," says Søren Nørgaard Thomsen.

Most of the activities were customised to local conditions. But there was one event that everyone participated in with great enthusiasm: The North Atlantic Quest, a unique Blue Water online escape room game developed specifically for the occasion. The winning team had the honour of donating DKK 250,000 to a charity of their choice. The winners were the team from Turkey.

The Blue Water Games

The Blue Water Games will be organised annually in September for the company's 2,300 employees - spread across 71 offices worldwide. A key element will be a joint competition where the winning team gets the right to donate DKK 250,000 to a good cause.