From trainee to Greenland cruise logistics expert

Christian supported the busy cruise season in Nuuk both last and this summer 

As a global company, Blue Water often gives its employees the opportunity to work abroad. When Christian Juul Jensen started as a Blue Water trainee two years ago, he expressed his interest in working in Greenland in the early days of his traineeship. Blue Water has multiple local offices in Greenland that handle logistics for the Cruise & Marine sector. When the cruise season peaked again in 2022 after a two-year pause caused by the pandemic, extra hands were welcome, and the opportunity to work in Greenland was presented to Christian. 

“I’ve always wanted to go back to Greenland. My parents worked there for a few years when I was younger, but I cannot recall much from our time up there. When I was asked last summer if I was still interested, I said of course I was,” says Christian. 

It did not matter much to Christian what kind of work he would do, as long as it would be in Greenland. When his flights and stay were booked, he was ready for six months in Nuuk to work in the Cruise and Marine team – with close to zero experience, but help was needed since a busy cruise season was ahead. 

Complexity of cruise logistics  

Before going to Greenland, Christian worked in the Port Agency department at headquarters in Esbjerg. “I thought, how different can the work in Nuuk be?”. But he soon learned it was a whole lot different. “The cargo on board was exchanged from project cargo to people this time. They naturally expect more of us, and more questions are involved about going from point A to B. I had to learn about immigration rules, maritime knowledge in Greenland and handling of provisioning,” explains Christian. 

He arrived a few weeks before the cruise season started, giving him time to learn the complexity of cruise logistics with a completely new cruise team in Nuuk. “There was a lot to do, but it was exciting. Although not completely from scratch, we all had to learn the job. The challenge and teamwork made it fun.” 

Second time around 

Time flew by, and after six months, Christian returned home to Denmark. This summer, the team decided to approach him again to ask for his help with the cruise season. He said yes, but for a shorter stay. “Blue Water was flexible with my wishes and this year, coming back again was great. Since I was only there one month, I made the most of my time. I went hiking, kayaking and sailing. I did not want time to pass without enjoying Greenland to the fullest.” 

It was a different experience this time around. “I was more experienced and could share my knowledge from last year with the team, I really liked that.” Then, there was also one cruise call which made an outstanding impression to this year’s stay. “I was asked to join a large cruise ship travelling from Kangerlussuaq to Nuuk as an agent on board. That was a very special. I got to advise the captain on agency questions about the port and the route. For the rest of my time on board, I could enjoy the view and experience what passengers experience.” 

Back in Denmark again and his traineeship finished, his time in Greenland remains a highlight of his education at Blue Water. “I could recommend an experience like this to anyone. Not even specifically Greenland, any work experience abroad is interesting. It is a great way to understand more about different cultures and places in the world.”