Growth in Aerospace Logistics

Despite COVID-19 challenges, our Aerospace Logistics team is experiencing growth

Growth in Aerospace Logistics

2020 was an unstable year for Blue Water’s Aerospace Logistics. The team assists the Aviation industry with all kinds of logistics needs including AOG (Aircraft-on-Ground) logistics, aircraft engine transportations, helicopter transports, airside logistics, customs solutions, warehouse logistics and tailored transport solutions in general - by road, rail, courier and air.

Like many other activities, Aerospace Logistics was affected by the global lockdown of the Aviation industry. Due to a variation in our client portfolio, however, we have been able to maintain our structure and setup.

At the end of 2020, the team experienced a slowly increasing demand and small signs of recovery in the Aviation industry. This industry has been - and is still - severely affected by the COVID-19 situation as many countries have closed their borders, routes and airports to minimise the spread of the pandemic.

“Despite the terrible situation, we have succeeded in maintaining our position as a strong partner to our clients and suppliers. We have continued focusing on our products and creating unique solutions. By doing so, we show our clients and surroundings that we are able to navigate and maintain stability even in times of hardships”, says Jonas Andersen, Aerospace Logistics, Blue Water Copenhagen.

“There are many different forecasts and scenarios indicating a full aviation recovery after the global roll-out of vaccines, which we of course follow closely. Our main focus is to provide quality logistics solutions, and in accordance with our objective “Together we create solutions”, our local AOG desks and Control Towers are continuously creating innovative logistics solutions to our clients”, states Jonas Andersen.

Facts about TALA

  • TALA is an extensive global network of well-established specialist partners servicing the Aerospace sector
  • TALA is an entrepreneurial-driven organisation with locally owned operating branches
  • Blue Water is a board member and partner in TALA
  • As a partner we cover the North Atlantic and the Nordic regions
  • The membership ensures tailored Aerospace Logistics solutions locally and globally