Guyana Football Federation and Blue Water partner for new stadium Guyana

The project will focus on expanding the ways the stadium serves the Guyana national football teams as well as the wider community

The Guyana Football Federation, in partnership with Blue Water, have begun the initial steps to create an innovative new, multi-purpose sports, educational and entertainment venue. The project will focus on expanding the ways the stadium serves the Guyana national football teams as well as the wider community. The goal is for the venue to be accessible to people from all backgrounds and will be integrated with Guy-ana’s art and cultural life.

The GFF and Blue Water began discussions on a possible partnership in September 2022 when President Wayne Forde visited Blue Water during their 50-year Jubilee celebrations in Denmark. Both parties envision a potential new stadium that makes our community proud and enhances the reputation of the great city of Georgetown. The Guyana Football Federation is focused on designing and building a stadium capable of hosting a prestigious international event on the weekend and accommodating a steady flow of impactful community programming later that same week. This is a project that will serve the wider community in Georgetown and the country of Guyana as a whole for generations. 

Support local communities

”At Blue Water, we are committed to being part of the communities where we operate. It is with great honour and respect we enter into this partnership with GFF as part of the new stadium in Georgetown. We are looking forward to great football matches and events that can bring pleasure and excitement to everyone in Guyana. Football, sport and culture are deeply rooted in our company values, and we are privileged to strengthen our cooperation with GFF – beyond our current sponsorship for the U15 Girls League,” states Thomas Bek, COO of Energy, Ports & Projects at Blue Water.


Groundbreaking partnership

The President of the Guyana Football Federation says: “The BLUE WATER SHIPPING STADIUM will be an imposing landmark in the city of Georgetown and a standard bearer for architectural excellence in this new era of foot-ball infrastructure. This groundbreaking partnership with Blue Water is an unequivocal example of the huge strategic role corporate Guyana can play in the transformation of the sporting landscape across Guyana. I am truly humbled and grateful for the opportunity to work so closely on this project for the past year with our friends at Blue Water. This facility when completed, will not only inspire thousands of Boys and Girls in the coming years, it will also transform the WortmanVille community. It is therefore entirely fitting that I extend heartfelt thank you to the Management of Blue Water for their vision, commitment and generosity. Finally, I would like to thank the Government of Guyana for leasing the 7.3 acres of land on which the stadium will be built to the Guyana Football Federation.”

Design of the stadium

Blue Water has consistently partnered with football in Guyana and has put its full support behind the design and construction process. As a result, The Guyana Football Federation and Blue Water have concluded an agreement for Blue Water to hold the exclusive naming rights for the facility for an initial period of 5 years.

Key features of the design include:

  • Exterior terraces and stands with panoramic views of Georgetown that will serve as critical space during event days
  • Open design
  • Good sight lines for all spectators through diverse viewing experiences
  • High-tech and sustainable materials throughout the building
  • Other features of the stadium complex include a dedicated community space that could be utilised year-round for educational opportunities, youth sports, non-profit events and other community-minded purposes.