Largest aircraft in Aalborg Airport

Blue Water's air charter team recently landed the largest aircrafts ever in the airport

In June 2021, the until now largest aircrafts landed in Aalborg Airport. First, a Boeing 777-300ER carrying 60 tonnes of personal protection equipment from Malaysia, and then another air charter followed. This time, it was a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner with 37 tonnes of more equipment.

Blue Water manages the logistics

Both deliveries were ordered by Stadsing A/S, based near Aalborg in Denmark, who had assigned the logistics to Blue Water. We managed the transport from the Malaysian manufacturer, organised air freight to Denmark and the following domestic distribution using our many trucks.

Such a comprehensive operation requires planning. Based on local knowledge, Blue Water has for almost half a century specialised in logistics solutions creating value for customers by ensuring timely and efficient operations.

A dedicated team

A dedicated and professional air charter team handles more than 100 air charters to and from Denmark each year, and for this reason, it came natural for Stadsing A/S to assign the task to Blue Water:

“When we need a speedy and efficient freight solution from the other side of the globe, the possibilities are many – but they are not all good. With Blue Water as our partner, we get transparent insight into our opportunities, and it creates trust”, says Head of Logistics at Stadsing A/S, Henning Kirch Jørgensen. He continues:

“We know that competent staff has planned every step of the way, and it gives us time to focus on our core tasks. At the same time, we are thrilled to have the air charters landing in Aalborg Airport”.