Lykkeliga receives 250,000 Danish kroner from Blue Water

On the occasion of Blue Water’s 50-year jubilee, a fundraising for Lykkeliga was initiated instead of reception gifts

When Rikke Nielsen, founder of Lykkeliga and former professional handball player, received a phone call from the Blue Water founder and chairman, Kurt Skov, with the message that any gifts for the 50-year company anniversary should be replaced with an request to support Lykkeliga, the joy was overwhelming.

“I was surprised and naturally very thankful for this helping hand. Kurt and Blue Water have shown interest in the development of Lykkeliga during recent years, however, I was still surprised. This financial support means the world to our association with 450 volunteers working hard to give happiness to children with disabilities”, says Rikke Nielsen, who received the donation of 250,000 Danish kroner in connection with Team Esbjerg’s Champions League match against Storhamar at Blue Water Dokken in Esbjerg.

The best gift is a helping hand

Sports and fellowship have always been core values to Blue Water, and for this reason Kurt Skov considers the donation from Blue Water as evident:

“We have previously given financial support to Lykkeliga who is a volunteer project deserving great endorsement and recognition, as the management and the many volunteers over few years have managed to create a strong community – and a league that makes disabled children to heroes and team players. For this reason, we would rather donate the money for this great purpose than receiving traditional receptions gifts”, he explains.

Lykkeliga was established in 2017, when Rikke Nielsen was looking for a handball team for her daughter, who is born with Down’s syndrome. A team for this simply did not exist to accommodate the needs which followed with the disability, and for this reason Rikke created her own team. After only a few weeks, 40 players had joined. Today, the community has 1,200 players on 79 teams all around Denmark, the Faroes and Greenland.

In addition, Blue Water would like to give a huge thanks to all the customers and business partners who have donated on the occasion of the jubilee celebration and in this way contributed to the gift for Lykkeliga.