New transport service ensures fresher fish and less CO2 emission

CargoNet, Nor-log and Blue Water have created a solution shortening the time of delivery and reducing the CO2 emission during transport

A brand-new transport solution from Narvik in Northern Norway will ensure fresher fish for all of Europe. Accompanied by Norwegian CargoNet and Nor-log Thermo, Blue Water Shipping has tailored a solution shortening the transport time by up to 40 %.

This Sunday, the first train arrived to Padborg’s cargo transport terminal. After unloading of the train, the trailers were transported to Blue Water’s reefer terminal, which is neighbour to the cargo terminal in Padborg. Blue Water handled the distribution from here and throughout Europe.

The emptied trailers are used to loading of food stuffs and other types of consumer goods from the continent and Denmark to Norway. The train travels via Malmø to Oslo from where distribution is possible to all of Norway.

“From January, we can offer weekly arrivals of fresh fish directly from Northern Norway. With the expected support from the Norwegian fish exporters, we are expecting three weekly arrivals by next fall. When we choose to transport by rail rather than road, we manage to reduce the time of delivery significantly, and that is naturally essential when transporting fresh fish. At the same time, the solution enables us to save the atmosphere for up to 7,000 tonnes of CO2 each year”, says Bent Rasmussen who is Director Reefer Logistics Road at Blue Water.

4,000 less trucks on the roads

The transport market in Europe is currently under a massive pressure due to shortage of drivers, Brexit and Covid-19 among other things, meaning that both freight forwarders and customers experience uncertainty in deliveries. However, the new service from the three partners contributes by overcoming the increasing capacity issues.

The rail solution reduces the number of trucks on the Norwegian road by approx. 4,000 units per year, and at the same time the reliability of delivery is higher, as the rail tracks are not affected by congestion on the roads. These benefits are important to Nor-log who specialises in high-quality reefer transport of food stuffs from Norway:

“It was important for us to establish a working relationship with a first-class partner, who could handle the distribution further south, and Blue Water has both the experience, the right employees, facilities and the right equipment to solve the task”, says Daily Manager Erlend Pekeberg from Nor-log.