Recommendations on cargo handling

A group of Danish organisations has made these recommendations on receiving and shipping goods - with the aim to minimise the spread of coronavirus

Recommendations on cargo handling

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Driver/Road Haulier

  • Clean your driver’s cabin on a daily basis, preferably several times. Focus especially on inside and outside door handles as well as steering wheel and dashboard.
  • Disinfect hands by both entering and leaving the driver’s cabin. Alternatively, wash hands with water and liquid soap.
  • Keep a good distance and avoid contact with other persons.
  • Use gloves when you are outside the truck.
  • Keep yourself informed on the customer’s instructions before entering the address.
  • Open up the vehicle and hand over/accept freight documents where the consignor/ consignee has instructed to do so. If you must load/unload yourself, pay attention to barriers.
  • Stay in the driver’s cabin wherever possible while at the customer, unless otherwise required.
  • When using electronic tools issuing receipt for accepting goods and signing CMR documents, the receiver should wear gloves and/or use his/her own tool for receipt.
  • Keep freight documents in a folder or other closed organiser when carrying them in the driver’s cabin.
  • Use your common sense and take care of yourself and others.


  • Prepare a pamphlet on how to handle the goods and make sure that your coworkers are instructed thoroughly.
  • Prepare instructions for the drivers who arrive at your address. Mount direction signs at the entry, prepare large signs in several languages and/or send your instructions electronically to the carriers before arrival. Make sure a person is present to receive the truck/goods so the driver does not have to look for personal. This may take place by providing the driver a phone number for contact. Make sure the personal is instructed in answering the phone.
  • Prepare barriers unmistakably indicating the boundary line between internal and external persons.
  • Have plenty of hand disinfection mounted at entrances and exits both for internal and external persons.
  • Clean loading equipment regularly, especially if the driver must himself unload using his own equipment.
  • Designate a place for handling documents. When using electronic tools for issuing receipt for acceptance of goods as well as signing CMR documents the receiver should wear gloves and/or use his/her own tool for receipt.
  • Designate possible toilet facilities for the driver, you may put up ’festival toilets’ in the drivers’ area.
  • Avoid unauthorised persons staying unnecessary at your address.
  • Instruct drivers waiting for goods to stay in their vehicles.
  • Do you have many loading ramps make sure to create plenty of space between the vehicles; you could e.g. keep every second ramp empty.
  • Use your common sense and take care of yourself and others.

Tailored solutions lead the way for Fibertex

08 October 2021

Fibertex has experienced improvements of both precision in arrival of trucks, loading and unloading with Blue Water at the helm. During summer 2021, Blue Water was entrusted more traffics.