Red Sea challenged FPSO shipment delivered on time

Blue Water created a transshipment solution and delivered the cargo by air charter to its destination   

The current circumstances in the Red Sea pose a challenge for timely cargo deliveries to their final destinations, with the necessary detour of around 4,000 sea miles resulting in a minimum of 10 days extra transit time. At Blue Water, our reputation is built on creating tailored solutions, as we recently did for a valued client involving a crucial shipment for an FPSO project in China impacted by the Red Sea situation.

The shipment found itself stranded in Cartagena, Colombia, and the situation in the Red Sea made it impossible to reach China on schedule for the project. The client approached Blue Water to intercept and create a customised solution to prevent any delays in the project. 

Air charter for FPSO-related cargo 

The Singapore team collaborated closely with the Air Charter team in Denmark, colleagues from Brazil and Blue Water’s partner in Panama – Ulog – to ensure the time-sensitive shipment reached China within the project timeline. It became evident that air cargo was the most efficient option, marking this Blue Water Singapore’s first air charter for FPSO-related cargo. 

To facilitate the transition to air cargo, the cargo was loaded at Tocumen International Airport Panama due to customs considerations. A Blue Water colleague from Brazil supervised the air cargo operations in Panama. In Shanghai, the cargo arrived on time and on schedule, where it was safely unloaded and prepared for dispatch. 

Head of FPSO Logistics at Blue Water, Dilys, comments on the transport: "We promptly changed the destination airport to Shanghai, as we encountered an unforeseen challenge with the original landing permit in Qingdao just days before the flight arrival, risking a significant delay to our urgent freight. However, quick thinking and an innovative proposal allowed us to navigate through the situation successfully." 

Dilys adds: "To change the destination airport to Shanghai last-minute, our team showcased its adaptability and ensured timely delivery, overcoming unforeseen obstacles posed by bureaucratic processes."   

Commitment to creating solutions    

Project Manager Syafizah emphasises that the successful delivery of the air charter resulted from collaborative efforts and dedication from all team members. Syafizah highlights: “Our collective focus and relentless effort, in conjunction with various Blue Water office teams, played a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless execution of the air charter. This achievement reflects the strength of our teamwork and commitment to creating tailored solutions. We are pleased that the client entrusted the air charter to us, showcasing their confidence in our capabilities.”