Tailored solutions lead the way for Fibertex

Fibertex has experienced improvements of both precision in arrival of trucks, loading and unloading with Blue Water at the helm

Tailored solutions lead the way for Fibertex

Jesper Kassow, Blue Water (left) and Claus Toft, Fibertex (right)

To companies like Fibertex, a reliable and multimodal transport setup, timing and precision are essential. That is why it was with humbleness Blue Water in the spring of 2021 entered into an agreement with the company to take over more of their global transports.

The new cooperation involved that Fibertex assigned the majority of their road traffics to Blue Water along with their oversea freight, and consequently also the responsibility for the company’s biggest and most critical markets.

“After we this summer entrusted more of our transports to Blue Water, we have experienced improvements of both precision in arrival of trucks, loading and unloading. Even in this turbulent time we are going through with shortage of trucks and drivers, we have only experienced a minimum of delays”, says Claus Toft, Logistics & Planning Manager at Fibertex Nonwovens A/S. Claus Toft continues:

“Blue Water’s employees are easy to reach, skilled and professional. Important factors during our busy working day”.

Value-creating transport solutions in focus

Fibertex holds production in both Denmark, France, The Czech Republic, Turkey, the US, South Africa and Brazil, where they manufacture nonwoven materials aimed at a variety of industries – anything from pharmaceuticals to the wind industry.

“The special thing about our partnership with Fibertex is that we share the same values. We both focus on the value-creating and tailored solution which is often an out of the box solution. Even in a market under severe pressure, we have a good dialogue and mutual understanding”, says Jesper Kassow Manager Sales Executive at Blue Water.

Danish-owned Fibertex is headquartered in Aalborg. The company was established in 1968 and is today employing more than 1000 people across the world.