Transport and Logistics contract with Danish Defence

Blue Water wins four-year contract covering handling of all transport and logistics assignments for Danish Defence

Transport and Logistics contract with Danish Defence

Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization has awarded Blue Water a new four-year contract – covering transport of military equipment with focus on USA, Canada and Europe. Further, the contract includes worldwide relocation services for personal property.

Over the years, Blue Water has built a significant setup and wide experience in transport of defence equipment. Through existing cooperation with Danish Defence, we have provided transport and logistics services to the military forces. Thanks to this cooperation, we have also gained thorough knowledge and in-depth expertise in route planning and transit requirements.

“We are very proud of this new contract, which is very important for our strategic focus and development. The agreement proves our technical capacity, setup and competences required for handling transports within the defence industry”, says Henrik Sand Damgaard, Head of Government and Defence Logistics, Blue Water.

“It has been a long and professional tender and awarding process, which has required full support from our global Government and Defence organization. The contract will commence on 1 January 2022, and we look forward to handling all transport assignments for Danish Defence”, concludes Henrik Sand Damgaard.