We create green solutions together

Along with our customers, we must demand the technological solutions speeding up the sustainability alteration of the industry

Since the mid 90’s, when the wind industry really took off, the requirements for transport and handling of wind components, among others, have advanced. Most wind components have expanded rapidly, demand has exploded, and wind farms grow both onshore and offshore.

For this reason, Blue Water’s most growing business area today is Energy, Ports & Projects. Through the last decade, the gigantic, global logistics projects have taken up most of the order books at Blue Water.

“We are looking into many new technologies within renewable energy, and the global desire to improve developments makes us create solutions together. Our many years of worldwide project experience given us great knowledge, and this knowledge is reflected in the new technologies. That is why many customers choose us as their partner for greener logistics solutions”, says Kenni Sander Holmgaard, Business Development Manager, Energy, Ports & Projects, Blue Water .

Blue Water goes greener

At Blue Water, we have spent the last few years to redirect our strategy towards a more sustainable direction, and we have created new positions to ensure development and greener growth. One example of this is the ability customers now have to calculate CO2 data from shipments, making it easier to increase efficiency with targets for reduction or offsetting.

“We represent an industry that bears a great climate responsibility due to the emissions triggered when we solve our customers’ transport and logistics. That is also why we play a vital role contributing to the green transition and development for a sustainable future. Along with our customers, we must demand the technological solutions to accelerate alteration of the industry”, explains Anders Maul, Regional Director, Energy, Ports & Projects, Blue Water .

With massive, global investments in terminals, equipment and employees to handle the growth within wind, solar and Power-to-X, Blue Water is ready to accommodate the increased demand for logistics to renewable energy solutions all over the world. Today, the company possesses unique expertise, global know-how and deeply specialised employees within a niche-driven area, when it comes to this type of transport and logistics.

Capture and storage of CO2 in the North Sea

Especially Project Greensand, which is framing a highly innovative Carbon Capture and Storage Project in the North Sea, is an example of Blue Water’s competences in green energy solutions. To fulfil the permanent storage of CO2 in the retired oil fields of the North Sea, Blue Water solves the transport of CO2 under requirements never seen or achieved before.

“Our role in Project Greensand is evidence of our many years of experience and ability to adapt an industry undergoing change. Our teams within calculations, technical engineering, stevedoring and project management demonstrate how we manage to customise a reliable and thoroughly tested solution, regardless if the commodity covers CO2, gigantic wind turbines or entire solar parks”, concludes Kenni Sander Holmgaard.

Headquartered in Esbjerg, Denmark, Blue Water employs more than 2,000 colleagues on more than 70 global offices. Based on significant growth, Blue Water has during the last years opened Energy, Ports & Projects offices in especially Oceania and Central America where the demand for energy solutions is growing just as in Europe.