A people's business

At Blue Water, we aim to create a vibrant, positive and motivating environment where our employees thrive and develop. A culture, where everyone is engaged in day-to-day efforts to make a positive difference – for each other, our customers, partners and the broader society.

Wellbeing is our benchmark

We believe that wellbeing lays the foundation for a thriving culture. A culture where employees and managers can develop their full potential, be creative and productive and build positive relationships with others to support meaningful contributions. 

At Blue Water, we invest in wellbeing initiatives to strengthen employee happiness, engagement, experience and satisfaction.

We focus on three cornerstones of wellbeing: Mental, social and physical wellbeing.

Together we create a thriving culture

Mental wellbeing

Mental wellbeing

We encourage differences, personal and professional development and work-life balance in a culture of trust and open dialogue.

Blue Water has a great responsibility for ensuring mental health among our employees and managers. We monitor employee engagement and turnover rates and set ambitious targets for employee success retention.

Work-life balance

We respect that there is a life outside the work life and acknowledge that a well-functioning private life positively influences our employee’s ability to thrive at work – and vice versa. At Blue Water, we help each other thrive, and we assist and support our employees in any difficult situation that may arise, whether this is job-related or related to any private issues. This is part of our values and our responsibility.

Social wellbeing

Social wellbeing

Respect, teamwork and collaboration are integrated parts of our culture.

We believe that working in a team encourages personal growth, increases job satisfaction and reduces stress. We encourage our employees to be active, have fun, create social relations internally and strengthen teamwork and culture through social activities.

In Blue Water, success is achieved through a great mix of different competencies and personal backgrounds – always with focus on business talent and enthusiasm. We play as a team, and we play to win - together.


No discrimination is practiced in respect of employment, dismissals, relocations, promotions, determination of salary nor working conditions or competence development.

Physical wellbeing

Physical wellbeing

Health and safety are key indicators of sustainable development – not only at Blue Water but in society in general. Investments in health, safety and wellbeing are top priorities.

We are committed to continuously improve our health and safety culture by involving, training and encouraging employees to care, consult and actively participate. This is done by:

  • systematically identify and control all hazards in our workplace and take corrective steps to eliminate, isolate and/or minimise these hazards to prevent injury or damage
  • ensuring all employees are properly trained
  • ensuring all management and staff members are competent in health and safety management
  • carrying out self-inspections to monitor health and safety issues.

Do you want to join us in making a positive difference? 

We aim to be the most desirable workplace in the cities we operate. As a Blue Water employee you will become a part of an international workday where every day is different from yesterday and tomorrow and where development, teamwork and diversity are keys to success.


Round the world with Blue Water

When Asbjørn Lauritsen started as trainee at Blue Water Esbjerg in 2014, he had a distant dream of getting to live and work abroad. However, the dream turned out to become a reality within few years for the young talent.

Within only five years, the 26-year-old Asbjørn Lauritsen has made his mark by three international Blue Water postings