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The clients will have full transparency

06 June 2016 09:42

Options to choose tailor-made storage solutions, like the ones Blue Water provides, is very important.  All types of goods, from food products to dangerous cargo, are stored in the best way possible from the moment the products leave the manufacturer until they are delivered to the end-users.

"Also, from an IT point of view, Blue Water's storage solutions offer advantages. The clients will have full transparency, they will be able to administer pick & pack 24/7 and our web system can be integrated with the client's own technology", says Daniel Mortensen from the Airfreight department at Blue Water Odense.

It may seem an enormous job to relocate your stock to Blue Water's locations, but it can easily be done without the end-users noticing.

"We relocated the entire stock for a coffee distributor - more than 200 products distributed on 400 pallets were registered in our system. During the relocation process, we naturally also made sure that all the consumers buying coffee from the web shop received their ordered products. Through Blue Water's integrated web shop solutions, we handle packing and delivery. As Blue Water's client, all you have to take care of is the billing", says Daniel Mortensen.

During the summer, Blue Water will handle packing and delivery of clothing, footballs and drinking bottles to football schools all over the country.

As the enrolment for the football schools is open until the schools start, the storage solution is of course flexible. From May to August, more than 1,000 deliveries will be handled.

You can read more about our tailor-made warehousing solutions here.

06 June 2016 09:42

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