Innovative solution for Procudan cargo delivery after unexpected delay


It was the personal commitment of Blue Water that impressed me. The team worked all weekend to ensure that the cargo reached its destination on time and kept me informed.

Lene Andreasen, COO at Procudan

When the unforeseen happened and 25 tonnes of rice destined for Denmark was stranded in in a Portuguese port due to bad weather, food ingredient supplier Procudan had to find an urgent transport solution. Their promise to deliver the goods by Monday, crucial to their customer's uninterrupted production, was nearly impossible to meet. 

Transferring the goods from ship to lorry would have been a solution, but in France a national holiday prohibited trucks from being on the roads, and in Germany trucks are not allowed on the roads on Sundays - unless they are carrying fresh food. 

That is when Blue Water stepped in with an innovative solution. Lene Andreasen, COO at Procudan, recalls: "I was running out of solutions and called my regular contact at Blue Water for some last-minute help". Within no time Blue Water understood the urgency of the situation and quickly acted. 

30 minutes to solution  

"I got in contact with a colleague from the Blue Water courier team and briefed him on our situation," says Andreasen, "and he said he needed thirty minutes. True to his word, he returned within half an hour with an out-of-the-box solution. Instead of waiting for traditional trucks and delaying the delivery date." Blue Water suggested splitting the load and transporting a smaller unit - 3 tonnes - in sprinter vans, bypassing the holiday and weekend transport restrictions, with the rest of the load following after the weekend. 

"I couldn't believe that in 30 minutes such an innovative solution was created," says Andreasen. Despite initial doubts, the plan unfolded seamlessly. The three sprinters set off immediately and arrived at the production facility on Sunday, well ahead of schedule. 

Expertise and reassurance  

"It was the personal commitment of Blue Water that impressed me," Andreasen recalls. "The team worked all weekend to ensure that the cargo reached its destination on time and kept me informed." From initial stress to reassurance, Blue Water's commitment ensured that Procudan could deliver on its promise to its customer. 

For Andreasen, the speed of the solution was an example of Blue Water's service and expertise. "When I called Blue Water, they did not know what my problem was," she notes, "although they managed to find a solution within half an hour". 

This experience only strengthened Procudan's confidence in their partnership with Blue Water. "The reason we like doing business with Blue Water is the excellent service, the easy communication and the fact that promises are kept - so we can keep our promise to our customers," Andreasen affirms. 

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