Blue Water transports increased volumes at North Atlantic Terminal

The new terminal at the Port of Aarhus has been operational for a year 

A year ago, Blue Water started operations in a new 6,000 m2 modern cargo terminal at the Port of Aarhus, Denmark, serving import and export for the North Atlantic region. The terminal is strategically located at the quayside with direct access to shipping companies sailing to and from Denmark, Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. After a stable first year, the second half of 2023 looks at increased transported volumes and capacity at the transit-warehouse – especially exports to Iceland are growing with expectations to take on even more in 2024.

With the growing number of shipments in the region, the terminal has seen increasing demands from various clients. One of the terminal’s largest customers has requested an additional volume of approx. 100 per cent from the beginning of 2024. Also, other clients have additional logistics requests and larger volumes of cargo. 

“There is no doubt that we have developed progresses that we could not have dreamt of a year ago. With our work and expansion at the terminal, we have continuously grown our activities and built stronger competencies that benefit our customers, ensuring we remain the leading actor in the supply chain between Denmark and the North Atlantic region,” says Ole B. Ulriksen, Director of North Atlantic Blue Water.

Optimised and well-operational terminal 

An important aspect in managing these demands, is the strong focus of the terminal on optimising processes. “When we started a year ago, we had a structured approach to find the best way to fulfil the terminal’s needs,” tells Daniel Degn Damgaard Møller, Manager of the North Atlantic Terminal. As the terminal is a seasonal operation, it requires a balance in staffing throughout the year. “Finding the balance between the right number of staff and the amount of goods is the golden key to an optimised and well-operational terminal,” adds Møller.

A large part of this has centred around maximising the expertise of the staff. “We have trained our warehouse employees to be experts in a few aspects, over being an all-round employee. This roughly means we have half of our staff focusing on stuffing the containers, the other half on receiving cargo,” explains Møller.

Efficient registration and tracking 

The terminal is in the process of being fully equipped with a scanning system that facilitates efficient registration and tracking of goods. This enables clients to monitor their cargo through our MyBWS tool, providing real-time updates on their cargo's current status. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also gives clients greater visibility and control over their products in transit.

Blue Water has a total of 40,000 m2 of terminal for goods handling and 10,000 m2 of storage facilities at the Port of Aarhus, acting as a key supplier between Denmark and the North Atlantic region among worldwide destinations.