Climate partnership reduces CO2 emissions by 50% per trip

Blue Water boosts customers’ business with pallet racks from SpaceInvader

During the spring of 2020, Blue Water and SpaceInvader entered a climate partnership, and the journey towards more sustainable road transport began. If possible, the aim was also to contribute to minimising the effect of other challenges such as shortage of capacity and drivers as well as high freight rates. The two partners have now signed a three-year cooperative agreement.

According to the two players, future solutions must be developed in solid climate partnerships where innovation and courage to do things differently go hand in hand. This is precisely what has happened during the past two years with focus on physical capacity optimisation and optimisation of freight data among Blue Water’s customers.

“Each cubic and load metre counts in the climate score and on the bottom line. The more we know about the cargo and its movements in the logistics flow, the better we get at utilising the capacity on each trip and thereby improving the sustainability of the transport”, says Steen Frederiksen, Managing Director of SpaceInvader.

Data is the basis of sustainable development

In practice, Blue Water and SpaceInvader have tested how data exchange and tracking can contribute towards a more sustainable handling of pallet goods:

“With SpaceInvader’s pallet racks we can load the trucks optimally, reduce the number of trips and save both CO2 and costs. That is why we are taking the next step, regarding the solution from SpaceInvader as a pivotal tool for climate optimisation and as an important factor in our sustainability strategy”, says Mikkel Østergaard Kruse, Director Road Operations Denmark at Blue Water.

The logistics group takes the green transition seriously. A substantial place to begin is by making use of the entire cargo hold or container through efficient packing. Cargo comes in all shapes and sizes, and that is exactly why the flexibility of SpaceInvader’s solution is crucial.

“Blue Water’s approach to sustainability is built upon agility, and that is why offering SpaceInvader’s solutions to our own customers makes sense to us. Kiilto, one of the Nordic countries’ leading manufacturer of hygiene and cleaning products, pays great attention to limiting CO2 emissions in own production and from transports, and their solution represents optimisations where the CO2 emission has been reduced by half on each trip”, says Mikkel Østergaard Kruse.

An important factor in the green transition

The pallet racks have become an integral part in Blue Water’s green development. The customers are involved directly in the planning of the optimisation options identified in their logistics flows, and the ‘gain’ – the green as well as economic – benefits all parties.

Steen Frederiksen adds: “Our pallet racks create value for many types of cargo, also dangerous goods. It is all about noticing the strategic and operational opportunities that double-stacking offers, because often even just a few racks can save an entire trip”.

The cooperation between Blue Water and SpaceInvader does not end here, because the agreement also covers green business development. Now, the two parties are testing a new digital tracing unit which is mounted directly onto the racks, making it possible to follow the movements of the racks through the supply chains.

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