Kiilto optimises sustainability with Blue Water

Double stacking of cargo optimises transport and reduces CO2 emissions

Kiilto, one of The Nordic countries’ leading manufacturer of hygiene and cleaning products, pays great attention to limiting CO2 emissions in own production and from transports.

With weekly transports from the factory in Assens, Denmark to the warehouse in Oslo, Norway, their solution called for optimisation of truck loads. Each truck was usually loaded with a maximum of 33 pallets which took up the entire trailer floor. It was not possible to load pallets on top of each other, which left the truck loads with unutilised cubic metres and thereby room for optimisation.

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“As a company we are obliged to committing ourselves to showing responsibility and contributing to a reduced climate impact. We continuously look for opportunities of optimisation in the entire value chain, and our transports have been an evident factor to improve”, says Henrik Dalsgaard Hansen, Supply Chain Manager Kiilto.

Better space utilisation reduced CO2 emissions by 50%

“We offer optimal utilisation of the cargo hold using SpaceInvader racks, making it possible to load the pallets - which are usually not possible to double stack - on top of each other and thereby utilise the entire cubic capacity. In this way, the need of space is reduced by 50%, cutting down the number of transports”, says Per Jakobsen, Business Development Manager – Sustainable Solutions at Blue Water.

Kiilto’s CO2 emissions from road transport between the two localities are brought down by 50%, using the double stacking pallets racks from SpaceInvader.

“Blue Water has great knowledge and understanding of our needs, they act proactively and solution-oriented. As supplier they have been efficient solving our challenge, and the solution benefits both our bottom line and sustainable ambitions”, says Henrik Dalsgaard Hansen.

Kiilto is one of The Nordic countries’ leading manufacturer of hygiene and cleaning products. In Denmark, the company Plum A/S has produced and marketed Plum products since 1860. In 2019, the company joined the Finish, family owned Kiilto OY and changed its name to KiiltoClean A/S. Today, the company employs 1000 colleagues in 11 European countries.