Global development in Renewables

The Renewable Energy sector is growing rapidly

For many years, we have seen a huge global development in the Renewable Energy segment in general, and not least in the Wind sector. The development involves the political mandate and the geographic scattering, but certainly also technologically and volume-wise.

"We think it is marvellous to be part of an industry where the sky is the limit. The demand on the suppliers  is continuously changing - and the market is constantly opening up new opportunities. The biggest challenge is how to keep up with developments. We need to be upbeat all the time and to keep one step ahead of the latest trend to succeed", says Brian Sørensen, Business Development Manager Wind, Blue Water Esbjerg.

Local expertise and global insight

Blue Water has always been internationally known for solving transport of finished components and for handling end2end logistics as project managers. We have, however, created value much earlier in the project phases as consultants, planners and advisors, and this goes for infrastructure as well as for the design phase.

Concurrently with the globalisation of offshore wind in particular, we have in recent years seen an increase in demand for this particular type of service. Here, our global presence benefits our customers, because it takes a fifty-fifty share of local expertise and global insight to provide the right support, and Blue Water masters this.

Jacob Kjærgaard, Regional Director Europe, Energy & Projects, Blue Water Esbjerg says: "Strategically, many competitors dwell on their core services, but we want to develop our DNA and our competence string, and therefore we say yes when opportunities arise. We are specialists, but we are specialists in a wider sense. We find it very rewarding when we can help to plan the future and leave our mark on the logistics solutions locally and globally.

Our acting role has taken a positive direction, and perhaps Blue Water will become actively involved in tasks that we had not envisaged a few years ago. But should the opportunity arise, and the customers want us as their transport and logistics partner, we will certainly not say no. We love innovation and challenges - it is our DNA".