Cost-effective short sea solutions

Benefit from cost-efficiency and reduced carbon emissions when choosing a short sea solution in Europe

Lower costs and carbon emissions by short sea shipments

At Blue Water, we offer Short Sea shipping by transporting from/to Mediterranean to/from North Europe.

Short sea shipping offers a range of benefits, including reduced carbon emissions, cost savings and increased accessibility to coastal and inland markets.

This transportation method typically involves smaller vessels and shorter routes compared to deep sea shipping from e.g. China to Europe.

As an alternative to traditional land-based transportation methods, it contributes to enhancing logistical flexibility for Blue Water’s customers.

Why choose short sea?

In today's fast-paced world, efficiency is vital for most companies. Short sea shipping solutions offer various benefits to streamline logistics operations:

  • Lower carbon emissions by utilising waterways
  • Cost-efficiency saves fuel and maintenance compared to trucking
  • Less fluctuation in prices due to the higher level of reliability
  • Reliability and punctuality compared to shipping from Far East
  • Accessibility provides access to markets and expands reach

Benefit from a cost-effective short sea solution

  • Reliability and timeliness
  • Efficient transit time around Europe
  • Low cost compared to transit time
  • Reduced carbon emissions compared to other transport modes

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