Blue Water wants to go greener

Reporting sustainability initiatives for 2022, Blue Water continues to work with a more responsible mindset

Reporting on last year’s sustainability initiatives, it becomes evident that Blue Water is moving towards a more sustainable direction as a global company. The recently released Sustainability Report shows tangible results of commitment to sustainability throughout the Blue Water Group.

Among many achievements in 2022, we have calculated our first full carbon accounting, made progress in health and safety and continuously upgraded our governance practices and structures. We have increased our services in the renewables industry, and we have engaged further in the shipment of carbon for storage purposes.

“We cannot argue that we are within the hard-to-abate industry, causing carbon emissions when carrying out our core business. However, this report shows some important milestones for us a company, especially when looking at the crucial role we play in driving the needed sustainability solutions for the future”, says Søren N. Thomsen, CEO of Blue Water.

How to make transport and logistics greener

Last year, Blue Water achieved full carbon accounting for the Greenhouse Gas Protocol’s scopes 1, 2 and 3 for the period of 2021 and 2022. The scope 3 emissions – covering emissions from executing customers’ transport and logistics – represent more than 99.5% of our total full account.

“The mapping of emissions will be mandatory in the EU within a few years, so we are already practising the new reporting standards. This encourages us to investigate how we can optimise the sustainability agenda. The vast majority of our emissions occur when we carry out transport and logistics for our customers. The good news is that we can offer different methods to do this with more attention to lowering emissions”, says Søren N. Thomsen.

Calculating carbon footprint of transport and logistics, optimising the supply chain or load as well as reducing emissions by use of alternative fuels can all contribute to a greener supply flow. Alternatively, a last resort can be compensating the emissions by purchasing reductions through sustainability projects.

Above solutions can be customised according to individual value chain needs and adapted for company. However, it is unavoidable that Blue Water’s customers must prepare for some changes in the supply chain in order to turn up the focus on more sustainable and long-term solutions.

Social well-being, safety and supplier risks are also top priorities

Believing that the industry has a joint obligation, Blue Water cares for reliable and devoted suppliers. To ensure that suppliers act with integrity and continually deliver in accordance with requirements and agreements are of utmost importance for us to meet customer expectations and maintain our reputation as a responsible business.

With a new Supplier Relationship Management system, Blue Water evaluates according to our internal requirements and standards when it comes to Quality, Environment, Health, Safety, Security and Compliance.

Achievements and targets for social objectives continue to lead the way, and it proceeds in 2023 with special attention to improving safety awareness even further and improving diversity to distribution of gender, age and culture as well as multifunctional competencies.

During 2022, Blue Water has reorganised the work with sustainability internally with a cross-functional team to embed the business practices throughout all aspects of the operations, permitting the most fruitful settings for going greener.

Read the full Sustainability Report 2022 here