We believe that innovation, collaboration and diversity lay the foundation for solving future problems, ensuring environmental, social and economic sustainability. That is why it is important that we create solutions together.

Together we create solutions for the future

Cross-business and cross-sector partnerships are essential to achieve the scale and sustained impact necessary in the context of global instability, climate change, social inequality and economic transformation.

That is why believe that partnerships can unleash innovative ways of working, exchange of knowledge and expertise and be the foundation for new resources, opportunities and solutions.

Today, we have more opportunities than ever to work with employees, customers, governments, NGOs and other stakeholders locally and globally to drive real and needed change and build a more sustainable future. And now is the time to act.

We continuously seek to enter strategic partnerships with the main goal of offering turnkey services and solutions that support our vision and values.

How Blue Water can help reduce our customers’ carbon footprint


At Blue Water, we focus on creating customer solutions that enable minimisation of carbon footprint from transport and logistics provided by us.

“We aim to be our customers’ supplier and partner of choice. This includes offering and advising on solutions improving the sustainability and efficiency of the supply chain. Therefore, we are always searching for the best available solutions allowing CO2 reduction and matching our customers’ needs,” says Per Jakobsen, Business Development Manager, Sustainable Solutions.

Blue Water enters pioneering project on CCS


Storing CO2 is an essential part of the solution to climate challenges. With a group of partners, Blue Water has taken a big step towards realising a Carbon Capture and Storage project with great climate potential.

The partners are INEOS Energy, Wintershall DEA, Hirtshals Havn, Biocarb Solution, Evida, Greenport North and Blue Water. The project is the first of its kind in Denmark. Since the CO2 is biogenic, the storage will result in negative emissions, which can make a significant contribution to achieving the Danish climate goals of a 70 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

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