We believe that innovation, collaboration and diversity lay the foundation for solving future problems, ensuring environmental, social and economic sustainability. That is why it is important that we create solutions together.

Together we create solutions for the future

Cross-business and cross-sector partnerships are essential to achieve the scale and sustained impact necessary in the context of global instability, climate change, social inequality and economic transformation.

That is why believe that partnerships can unleash innovative ways of working, exchange of knowledge and expertise and be the foundation for new resources, opportunities and solutions.

Today, we have more opportunities than ever to work with employees, customers, governments, NGOs and other stakeholders locally and globally to drive real and needed change and build a more sustainable future. And now is the time to act.

We continuously seek to enter strategic partnerships with the main goal of offering turnkey services and solutions that support our vision and values.

New partnership on CO2 removal offerings


Entering a new partnership with the acknowledged company Klimate, we are now expanding our offerings within carbon compensation. Through Klimate's project portfolio, Blue Water’s customers can invest in the removal of carbon from the atmosphere that corresponds to their unavoidable emissions. This helps scale vital carbon removal methods which are important to tackle global warming.

"We look forward to serving Blue Water's customer base and advancing more sustainable shipping through high-quality carbon removal", says Yasmine Rocco, Carbon Removal Specialist at Klimate.

Guyana Football Federation and Blue Water partner for new stadium Guyana


The Guyana Football Federation, in partnership with Blue Water, have begun the initial steps to create an innovative new, multi-purpose sports, educational and entertainment venue.

The project will focus on expanding the ways the stadium serves the Guyana national football teams as well as the wider community. The goal is for the venue to be accessible to people from all backgrounds and will be integrated with Guyana’s art and cultural life.

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